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Vale Packagings

Valve packagings, especially preferred for coffee packaging, are basically aluminum side gusseted packagings with one-way degassing valves. The main reason for using this type of packaging for coffee is that coffee is a special product in many ways. Carbon dioxide gas formed by coffee itself in time in the packaging must be evacuated in order for the coffee in the package to remain fresh from the moment it is packaged. For this, special packages known as valve packagings are used.

Valve packaging can offer producers very large volume catalogue. Some packages can be 10 kg and some packages can be 50 kg. Likewise, packages with a one-way degassing valve can also be made of materials such as kraft paper or aluminum.

Another advantage of use in this type of packaging is that the valve packagings can also evacuate the air that can leak into the package content during filling. Since air contact threatens the freshness of any packaged product, valve packaging can evacuate the carbon dioxide gas and air in the package.

What Usage Advantages Do Valve Packaging Offer?

Especially when roasted coffee is packaged, it has the potential to produce a high amount of carbon dioxide gas. The gas produced may even cause the coffee package to explode. For this reason, coffee packaging needs some kind of opening to evacuate excess carbon dioxide gas. However, the valve must be one-wayed. Because, as with any packaged product, oxygen contact can cause the coffee to lose its freshness. At this point, valve bags are preferred especially for coffee varieties. Valve bags also offer the user benefits listed below;

  • Valve packaging can be from 10 kg up to 50 kg.
  • Thanks to one way gas discharge valves, they can evacuate carbon dioxide gas especially in coffee package. Gas discharge valve is a packing standard also known as MAP.
  • They can have kraft paper, aluminum, side gusset or doypack features. Especially the side gusseted valve bags offer large surfaces for printing purposes.
  • Valve bags can stand upright and do not fall over thanks to their packaging design features.
  • Valve bags, especially the ones made of aluminum, are very durable and help create a kind of quality perception in consumers.

What is MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)?

MAP, ie modified atmosphere packaging, is the name of the gas relief valve in the packaging industry, which is used in products that have the risk of producing carbon dioxide gas when packaged, especially coffee. The special valve does not allow any gas or dust that may enter the packaging from outside to affect the package content, while evacuating the carbon dioxide from the package or oxygen entered the packaging during filling. As they provide an aesthetic appearance, these valves do not affect the packaging’s beuty; they are not even noticed by most coffee consumers. This degassing standard is used in packaging types such as valve packaging and valve coffee packaging.

Why Are Valve Bags Especially Important For Coffees?

The reason for this is that the coffee consumer has been much more sensitive about reaching fresh coffee in recent years. Roasted coffee can produce carbon dioxide from the moment it is packaged. Carbon dioxide can sometimes even cause the coffee package to explode. Since valve bags eliminate this risk, they are often preferred, even mandatory in coffee packages. However, there are other advantages offered by valve bag types.

One-way gas relief valves for valve bags are very small and can be easily applied to any type of packaging the manufacturer may please. Valves that can be used in aluminum, kraft paper, metallized kraft and similar packaging types also play an important role in the evacuation of oxygen that can damage the coffee beans and attract the consumer by dispersing a small spread of the coffee scent.