Transparent Pouches

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Transparent Pouches

The transparent packaging puts all the best features of different packaging types together in many aspects. Pouches, which have the ability to stand upright on its own on shelves and flat surfaces without falling over, as in doypack packaging types, also allow the consumer to examine the product or package content clearly. Other features of this transparent packaging with special base types are as follows:

  • Transparent Pouches can stay standing up straight on shelves and flat surfaces without falling over,
  • Transparent surface allows labels / stickers to be applied, especially on the front side of the packaging. Aforementioned transparent surface also allows consumers to examine the products thoroughly.
  • Transparent Pouches can be used with clips or zip-locks produced especially for package openings.
  • Special-square based transparent packagings can be used for food products such as nuts, spices, toffees and Turkish delight.
  • For spices and similar products with a unique smell, a Transparent Pouches can keep the special fragrance in the package.

Transparent Pouches, one of the most frequently used packaging types in the food industry, are ideal for packaging products that should be standing out with their naturality. Specially designed square base allows the packaging to be displayed on shelves easily upright and without falling over. The Transparent bag also allows date code or printed surfaces to be placed on the front side of the pack. Special-based transparent bags can also be named as transparent nuts packaging, pp packaging, opp packaging, transparent spice packaging or gelatin packaging in the packaging industry.

What are Transparent Pouches Types?

The Transparent Pouche is one of the most preferred package / sachet types, especially in small scale businesses, because it is an affordable packaging option. The reason why this type of packaging is called PP or OPP is that the packaging / bag is produced from a special material called Oriente Poly Propylene. OPP transparent packagings are produced from a special type of gelatin / polyester plastic, also known as pp.

In the packaging industry, nylon bags are called "OPP Bag". They are produced in strips of polyester plastic, known as PP. These strips are transformed into various types of packaging according to the current demand from the packaging industry. The plastic used in this type of packaging does not threaten the organic life as well as human life. Different mechanical processes of PP strips enable packaging products such as OPP Packs or transparent packagings with a square base. Also known as special based transparent packaging; transparent gift packaging, transparent spice packaging, transparent nuts packaging can also be produced from double layer pp (poly propylene) material, also known as CPP.

What are OPP Packaging Features?

One of the most flexible packaging packagings, OPP packaging is an extremely flexible rectangular-based transparent packaging type. It increases the attractiveness of the product inside with its bright and transparent design. This type of packaging, which has no risk for human health, is dirt-repellent and hygienic too. OPP packaging, which is resistant to shocks and cuts, is one of the healthiest transparent rectangular-based packagings.

What is CPP Packaging?

CCP, which is named as Cast Poly Propylene, is one of the flexible gelatin or plastic rectangular-based transparent packaging types. CPP is often preferred by packaging industry as it allows a two-layer printing. CPP packaging, which has thermal adhesion property, also has the ability to withstand physical pressure and impact as it is also very durable. CPP Transparent Pouches types also have the ability to substantially trap the odor inside of the packaging while preventing the product package from being pierced or damaged.