Stand Up Pouches

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Stand Up Pouches

Doypack bags are some sort of special packaging type used very often in the packaging industry. Especially designed for daily use, this packaging type can stand straight without falling down just like a jar or tin can. Doypack packagings are effective and functional in many different ways which makes them preferrable.

What are the Specifications of Stand Up Pouches?

Stand Up Pouch can be used for containing many different food groups such as nuts, sweets, chocolate, coffee, edible seeds, pulses. One of the most selling packaging types in the packaging industry, Stand Up Pouch’s most valuable feature is being able to stand straight on the shelf and protecting the contents. Apart from these:

  • Doypack bags can be easily opened – closed at will.
  • Most doypack packaging types have an opening on the surface called the “window”. Window allows the end buyer to be able to see the contents clearly.
  • Stand Up Pouches, allows the manufacturer to apply stickers / labels to the surface.
  • Stand Up Pouches protects the contents of the packaging by keeping the package standing on the shelf.
  • Stand Up Pouch types may have different openings to suit manufacturers’ and consumers’ needs.
  • Stand Up Pouches can be manufactured in many different colors and after the production, they are color printing friendly. This packaging type’s material and color options can be chosen freely depending on the product you wish to pack.

In packaging industry, many different bags and pouches can be designed with doypack features. Some doypack packaging types are completely transparent. Some types have transparent sections known as window or wide window. Doypack bags can be used to pack pretty much any content at the food industry.

Stickers and labels can be applied to the front side of almost all doypack packaging variations. With their natural look, laminated kraft paper doypack packagings are especially a good option for packaging nuts, pulses, sweets, seeds, coffee, and spices. Some doypack packaging types are called doypack bags because of their completely transparent designs.

What are Stand Up Pouch Types? Which Doypack Bags Should be Preferred for Which Products?

Doypack packaging, one of the most used and most preferred packaging types of packaging industry, are especially perfect for food packaging. Depending on the product being sold, metallized doypack bags, kraft doypack bags, transparent doypack packaging can be chosen.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches

Kraft Stand Up Pouch is manufactured from heavy weight, laminated, brown colored kraft paper. Which is a high quality and highly durable material. Various stickers and labels can be applied to kraft packaging. Kraft doypack packaging can be windowed or wide windowed. Thanks to this transparent section called “window”, consumers can see the contents of the product freely. Just like any other doypack packaging types, this packaging also can stand still on its own on the shelf, protecting the contents. When required, with different product types, kraft doypack bags can also have zip-lock feature. For products that are vulnerable to rapid changes in the temperature, metallized kraft doypack bags are the best option.

Transparent Stand Up Pouches

Transparent packaging often has a square shaped base. Manufactured from high quality materials, stand straight on the shelf on its own while presenting an aesthetically pleasant view to the consumer. Label and sticker friendly transparent packaging can be used to containing especially spices, chocolate, nuts and similar granular contents.

Metallic Colored Stand Up Pouches

Metallic colored doypack bags provide you with various metallic color options to choose for your doypack packaging. Competition within the food industry, will have you wanting your product to be durable as well as look appealing. Metallic colored doypack bags have a wide variety of color options while preserving all the beneficiary features of a standard doypack packaging. There is a correct Stand Up Pouch type for all your needs in our web site.