Spice Packaging

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Spice Packaging

For centuries various spices have been used for preserving and seasoning foods as well as curing diseases thus becoming one of the most important consumer goods of all times. With developing food technologies, number of usable spices have greatly increased. With spice variation increasing, different kinds of spice packaging options have been made available as well. Because of designing procedure and materials used during the production, spice packaging is much more durable and preserves the scent of spice so that other products will not get affected. Spice packaging options that we offer are as follows:

  • Kraft Windowed Doypack Spice Packaging
  • Open Kraft Windowed Doypack Spice Packaging
  • White Kraft Windowed Doypack Spice Packaging
  • Kraft Wide Windowed Doypack Packaging
  • Metallized Transparent Doypack Spice Packaging
  • Transparent Doypack Spice Packaging

Learn More About Doypack and Kraft Spice Packaging Types

Spice is vulnerable to humidity and air contact. Kraft and windowed doypack spice packaging is manufactured from high weight laminated kraft paper, which increases protection.

Spice packaging produced with laminated kraft paper locks the spice’s scent within the packaging which protects the spice as well as surrounding products. This kind of packaging allows the use of any kind of stickers/labels on them, protects the contents from air contact and beautifies the product by bringing a natural look. Kraft spice packaging with doypack feature allows the stand straight on the shelf. Open kraft windowed doypack spice packaging allows the producer to choose from many different color options.

Kraft wide windowed doypack spice packaging is the most preferred option among spice packagings. Transparent section, also known as the “window” is much wider which allows the end consumer to be able to see the contents clearly. Design advantages such as different color options, ease of label/sticker application and laminated surface are still present.

Metallized transparent doypack spice packaging is on of the most attractive and protective packaging options among all spice packagings. Metallized surface protects the contents from sudden changes in temperature while allowing the end consumer to examine them easily. Our spice packagings can also be used for other products such as instant soup, breaded mixture, cocoa and vanilla.

What Does Doypack Spice Packaging Mean?

Doypack packaging technology allows the very thin powdery spices to stand straight on the shelf, which creates an attractive view for the consumer. Their exclusive bottom design makes doypack packagings special in such a way.

What is Kraft Windowed Doypack Spice Packaging?

Kraft windowed doypack spice packaging varieties are the ideal packaging products for natural food such as nuts, spice seeds etc. Aside from kraft paper’s natural look, this packaging also allows consumers to see through the packaging and have a better understanding of the product. Kraft windowed doypack spice packaging can stand straight on the shelf and will not fall on its own. Since it has variations with wide windows and can be labeled with ease, this packaging is often preferred by many manufacturers within food industry.

What are the Advantages of Metallized Transparent Doypack Spice Packaging?

Pacakaging options with transparent surfaces increases demand towards packaged goods. Consumer can thoroughly examine the contents of the packaging with windows and transparent packages, which creates a sense of trust and this adds value to the product. Metallized packaging protects valuable products like spice from harmful effects of heat, cold and humidity. Metallized transparent doypack spice packaging often preferred by manufacturers because of reasons like odor tightness or the surface that allows the use of stickers / labels.