Side Gusseted Bags

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Side Gusseted Bags

Side gusseted bags, which can be easily opened by the consumer, have the ability to stand upright on flat surfaces and with different metallic color options, are ideal packaging types, especially for packaging products that require large internal capacities. Side gusseted bags are widely used in the packaging industry. The usage advantages offered by the side gusseted bags to the manufacturers are as follows.

  • Bags with side gussets are easy to open. Consumers can easily access the package contents by opening the package.
  • Side gusseted bags can stand upright without falling over on flat surfaces just like doypack bags.
  • Side gusseted bags, especially preferred for coffees of different quality and flavor, offer different color options.
  • Side gusseted bags are the most ideal packaging type for products that require large capacities. With its large surfaces facing four sides, it allows you to promote your product while allowing you to apply labels / stickers on all four sides.
  • Most packaging in this category uses aluminum extensively and is therefore very lightweight.
  • Side gusseted packaging, which offers a wide product presentation surface, takes up less space on the market shelves.

Side Gusseted Bags type is one of the most commonly used packaging types in the packaging industry, and it is also known by many different names such as Quadro Packaging, back welded packaging, side gusseted packaging etc. One of the most important features offered by the side gusseted packaging type is that it can stand upright like doypack packaging types, especially on the market shelves, therefore, occupies extremely little space.

Side gusseted packaging types, also known as Quadro Packaging, also allow the addition of zip-locks or clips to the opening of the package. In addition to all these features, this easy-to-open packaging type also allows the use of air discharge valves and similar packaging helpers on the package.


What Kind of Products are Side Gusseted Bags Used for?

Side gusseted bags are especially ideal for coffees with different flavors that meet different quality standards, especially in the form of ground or beans. One of the most important reasons for this is that the side gusseted packaging type is ideal for granular products such as coffee.

Metallic color options make the product stand out in the coffee market where market competition is fierce. However, there are other reasons for using side gusseted bags, especially for coffee. The first of these reasons is that this packaging category takes up less space on the shelves. In addition to that, large surfaces offer the ability to apply labels / stickers or print on all sides of the gusseted packagings. Elements such as the air discharge valve, also known as packaging helpers, can be easily applied to this packaging.

Coffee is a special product and its contact with air causes the coffee to produce acid, go stale. To prevent this, the air contained in the package must be evacuated regularly. For this discharge process, preferred valves can be used for side gusseted packaging types.

Side Gusseted Aluminum Bags

Aluminum, one of the lightest metals in nature, is one of the strongest materials used in the packaging industry as well. Aluminum packaging provides 3 to 4 times higher durability than a standard packaging material. Side gusseted aluminum packagings, which protect the coffee content from UV rays due to sunlight, humidity and dust, can also protect the package content from rapid temperature changes. The widespread use of aluminum in the packaging industry also allows you to add valves, zip-locks, labels / stickers and similar packaging elements to packages produced using this material. Side gusseted aluminum packagings, which are used especially for products that are sensitive to external harmful elements and have a high-quality perception, such as coffee and tea, are a type of packaging frequently used by third generation coffee shops that sell ground coffee.