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Seed Packaging

Some foods, including seed types such as chia seeds, flax seeds, pine nuts, coffee beans, cashew nuts, poppy, are preferred by consumers who take care of healthy and organic nutrition thanks to their rich fiber and protein content. In order to extend the shelf life of these healthy seeds that can be eaten and to market them well, you can take advantage of our seed packaging varieties with different features. The types of seed packaging options we offer to you are as follows:

  • Aluminum Seed Packaging Varieties with Side Gusset (with Color Options)
  • Kraft Aluminum Seed Packaging with Side Gusset
  • Kraft Aluminum Doypack Seed Packaging with Zip-Lock

You can read the explanations below to get to know the seed packaging types with different colors and features offered by our company.

Aluminum Seed Packaging with Side Gusset

If being able to choose the color of the seed packaging type you prefer is important to you, you can take advantage of our aluminum seed packaging with side gusset that offer rich color options. Our seed packaging varieties, offering matte white, matte black, green color options, offer a long shelf life with high-weight and light aluminum materials. The aluminum packaging also prevents the seeds from being affected by the instant temperature changes in or around the package. Especially in the roasting of the edible seeds and filling them in the package at high temperatures, temperature resistance is a crucial product feature.

Aluminum packagings with side gussets have many advantages offered to both producers and consumers. Packages with side gussets can be opened easily by the consumer and help the package to stand upright on the shelf. This packaging type is also preferred because it gives the product package a full and pleasing appearance. It also allows the application of labels and stickers to the side gusseted aluminum packaging types.

If you want your different types of seeds to be presented in a colorful, attractive, durable and falling resistant package, you can choose from our aluminum side gusseted seed packaging varieties among the seed packaging types.

Kraft Aluminum Side Gusseted Seed Packaging

Kraft paper gives the product a unique natural appearance. If you want your products to look natural, not affected by temperature changes and stand upright without falling over on the shelves, you can consider the kraft aluminum seed packaging with side gussets option we offer to you.

This packaging type, which can be used for almost all types of seeds, collects the naturality of kraft paper and the durability and charm of aluminum packaging in one product. This durable packaging type, which offers a much fuller looking appearance due to its side gusset, is a frequently preferred packaging type for agricultural seeds or edible seeds.

Kraft Aluminum Ziplock Doypack Bag Seed Packaging

The naturalness and strength of Kraft packaging material is combined with the lightness and durability of aluminum. Kraft aluminum locked doypack bag seed packaging has a solid material and a doypack bag design that ensures the product package does not tip over and stand upright. Thanks to its sealed structure, this seed package type, which offers consumers the opportunity to open and close the packages’ openings repeatedly, is particularly useful for edible seeds.

You can apply labels and stickers on it and present your product to end buyers on shelves. The packaging, which protects the package contents from temperature changes thanks to its durable aluminum outer structure, is one of the most useful and preferred package types our company offers to consumers. Thanks to its lockable mouth structure, this type of packaging, which can protect the seeds in the package for a prolonged duration and is made of kraft paper, will immediately attract the attention of the consumers with its natural appearance.

What are the Advantages of Kraft Aluminum Packaging?

The natural and healthy eating trend in the world has significantly increased the consumption of edible natural seeds among consumers. Kraft packaging paper displays all the naturality of the product inside as it has brownish colors. Being able to apply labels and stickers on it and being durable are another advantages offered by kraft aluminum packaging type.