Nuts Packaging

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Nuts Packaging

It is extremely important that rich fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals source nuts, are delivered to the end buyer without losing their nutritional value and freshness. For this reason, nuts packaging types are generally presented to consumers in kraft paper packaging, metalized doypack packaging and transparent packagings made of high-quality materials. You can find the types of nuts packaging that offers to nut manufacturers and the features of these packaging types in detail below.

Vacuum Bag Nuts Packaging with Three Sides Welded

Air contact is an important detail to keep in mind when it’s about nuts, which should definitely be consumed as fresh as possible. The three-sided welded vacuum bag packages, which we offer by evaluating the priorities of the nut producers, are very useful for the dried nuts producers who do filling process with vacuum. First type of the nuts packagings, this packaging design also allows you to apply labels / stickers on the outer surface and is pressure resistant. For heavy weight nuts, you can prefer a three sides welded dried fruit packaging.

Transparent Packaging with Side Gusset

Side gusseted nuts bags contribute to the value of the product while allowing end buyers to see the nuts in the package with ease. Freshness and naturalness are extremely important especially for foods in the nuts category. Produced from high quality material, the transparent bag allows the contents of the product to be examined by the consumer and at the same time allows the application of labels / stickers to its surfaces. Thanks to the side gusseted packaging design, consumers can easily open the packaging of nuts. This side gusseted design, which is seen in many other packaging types, also allows the nuts bag to stand without any support on the shelf.

Square-Based Transparent Packaging

Various solutions such as doypack or square base are used to ensure that the packages used in the packaging of different types of food and nuts remain upright on the shelves and do not fall over. On the other hand, this packaging type allows the labels / stickers to be attached to the transparent bag surface. Transparent nut packaging types also allow the product to be easily examined by end buyers.

Windowed Kraft Doypack Nuts Packaging Types

This packaging type in kraft, light kraft or white color offers you color options in different shades of brown. Packaging color is important as it underlines the naturality of the packaging’s contents while the transparent part on the packaging, called the window, allows the consumer to examine the product thoroughly. The doypack packaging design keeps the product package upright and prevents it from falling over. Kraft paper completely prevents air contact and keeps humidity out of the packaging thanks to its laminated outer surface. Laminated kraft paper surface is a heavy weight and durable packaging material and thanks to its special lamination process, it also allows you to apply labels and stickers on the packaging itself.

Doypack Nuts Package Types

One of the types of nut packaging we offer for nuts producers on our site is the packaging types with doypack designs. Doypack packaging types, which can ensure the product package to stand upright on the shelf without falling over thanks to their special designs, are one of the most used packaging types in the food industry as well as packaging industry. We offer a wide range of doypack packaging categories for you. Large windowed, metallized and transparent doypack designs are among the varieties you can use as nuts packaging. Among these models, the wide windowed doypack nut packaging has a wide transparent surface, also known as a window. This transparent surface allows the end buyer to easily examine the contents while increasing the appeal and value of the package.

Metallized doypack nut packages are resistant to rapid temperature changes. These types of packages, which allow the application of labels and stickers on them, also prevent humidity and air contact. Finally, transparent and doypack packaging features allow the product to be viewed by the end buyer and do not fall over. You can stick labels on the top of the packaging of all types of doypack nut packaging presented on our web site, and offer your nuts to consumers in our packaging without losing their nutritional or aesthetical value.