Herbal Tea Packaging

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Herbal Tea Packaging

Herbal teas have healing effects for many people with their antioxidant contents and very often used for diets and minor discomforts. This brings the need for good presentation. Demand towards herbal teas increased the importance of herbal tea packaging options within packaging industry.

Herbal tea packaging options presented at our web site are listed as follows:

  • Square-Based Seated Transparent Bag
  • Transparent Herbal Tea Packaging with Side Gussets
  • Windowed Kraft Herbal Tea Packaging Types
  • Wide Windowed Doypack Kraft Herbal Tea Packaging
  • Doypack Transparent Herbal Tea Packaging
  • Doypack Metallized Transparent Packaging

Let us take a closer look at herbal tea packaging options we provide to meet with increasing herbal tea demand properly.

Square-Based Seated Transparent Herbal Tea Packaging

Since transparent bags allow end buyer to be able to see the contents of the packaging, transparent bags are particularly important for some products. Transparent packaging protects the content from harmful external agents like humidity, odor, air contact while preserving the natural look. Another advantage of transparent packaging is the application of labels / stickers on them.

Thanks to its design, square-based seated transparent herbal tea packaging stands still on the shelf, thus protecting the content while displaying an aesthetically pleasant view. This is crucial in competitive markets such as food industry.

Transparent Herbal Tea Packaging with Side Gussets

Packagings with side gussets, allow consumers to reach for contents easily. Packagings with side gussets also helps presenting an aesthetically pleasant view to the end buyer. Transparent herbal tea packaging with side gussets, displays the product with all its naturality, allows the application of stickers / labels and can be opened easily by customer.

Windowed Kraft Herbal Tea Packaging Types

Kraft paper, just like many other food types, is a useful and practical packaging type for herbal teas. While protecting the contents from humidity and odor with its heavy weight and durable lamination, kraft packaging also helps building a feeling of naturality for customers via its special color. Windowed kraft herbal tea packaging extends the shelf life of the herbal tea inside, brings a natural look to the product and can be viewed easily by end buyer thanks to its window.

Wide Windowed Doypack Kraft Herbal Tea Packaging

Doypack packaging in general, keeps products like herbal tea and dried fruit – vegetables straight in the shelf, thus creating a pleasant view while preventing any accidents. This process brings value to the displayed product. Some of the many advantages of wide windowed doypack kraft herbal tea packagings presented on our web site are listed as follows:

  • Thanks to its doypack packaging design, product stands straight and does not fall over.
  • Heavy weight kraft paper protects the contents from exterior agents while presenting a natural look.
  • Window on the surface of the packaging allows the end buyer to see the contents clearly.
  • Because of all these important benefits, wide windowed doypack kraft packagings are preferred especially for herbal teas.

Doypack Transparent Herbal Tea Packaging

Completely transparent and does not fall over. Doypack transparent herbal tea packaging is mostly preferred by consumers who value the visibility of the product they are about to buy. Since packaging surface is manufactured with heavy weight materials, it allows the application of labels / stickers on the packaging.

Doypack Metallized Transparent Packaging

Metallized packaging types mostly preferred in order to protect contents from rapid and high changes in temperature. Due to materials used in the manufacturing process, doypack metallized transparent packaging product protects the contents from temperature changes as well as harmful external agents like humidity and air contact. In addition being completely transparent and aesthetically pleasant, doypack metallized transparent packaging is a high demand and long term solution for your products.