Green Side Gusseted Bags With Valve

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No Width (millimeter) Height (millimeter) Gusset (millimeter) Size (grams)
1 75 200 40 100
2 100 250 60 250
3 100 340 60 500
4 125 400 80 1000

Green Side Gusseted Bag With Valve Features

    • Provides more visibility to your product on the shelf thanks to its 4 wide surfaces.
    • PET / ALU / PE laminated.
    • It is safe for contact with food. Certified for food compatibility.
    • It provides the possibility of filling without waste.
    • Allows desired printing options. (Minimum 1000 pcs.)
    • It draws attention on the shelves thanks to its attractive design.
    • Extends the shelf life of products that continue to react after grinding due to their molecular structure, such as coffee.
    • Controls the air flow for both directions.
    • It allows the carbon dioxide gas accumulated in the coffee packaging to be removed.
    • Prevents oxygen and moisture from entering the coffee packaging.
    • It preserves the aroma and freshness of the product much longer.
    • It can be custom produced in desired sizes.
    • Has fairly large internal volume
    • With its valve option, it allows the gas accumulated in the package to be exhausted for products such as ground coffee.
    • It is economical thanks to its lightweight design and large internal volume.
    • Provides maximum protection thanks to its aluminum layer.
    • Enables the promotion of your brand thanks to its flexo, rotogravure and label

    Usage areas:

    They can be used mostly for nuts, coffee, pulses, seed, candy, dried fruit, birdseed, fish food, spices, herbal tea and chocolate wrapping

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