Food Packaging

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Food Packaging

Primarily used to contain foods like chocolate, sweets etc., food packaging types can answer manufacturers’ various demands with many benefits they provide. Food packaging types may change depending on couple of specifications such as packaging material and packaging design. Food packaging protect the contents from exterior harmful effects such as odor and humidity, while presenting the product to the consumer with all its’ purity. Food packaging types we present can be listed as follows.

  • Square Based Transparent Bag
  • Transparent Bag with Side Gusset
  • Wide Windowed Kraft Doypack Food Packaging
  • Transparent Metallized Doypack Food Packaging
  • Transparent Doypack Food Packaging

Consumers paying more and more attention to the quality and naturality of foods like chocolate, toffee and sweets has affected the packaging types substantially.

Square Based Transparent Bag

Square based transparent bag presents the entire attractiveness of foods like delights, toffees and chocolates. Thanks to its square-shaped base, this transparent packaging can stand still on its own while attracting more consumers with its very specific shape. Manufacturer can apply stickers / labels to this packaging’s surface and apart from that, transparency feature allows consumers to see the contents inside. By attaching a little ribbon on top of it, square based transparent bags provide consumers with a brilliant and aesthetic look.

Transparent Bag Food Packaging with Side Gusset

Biggest benefit of the packaging with side gusset is these packaging types can be easily opened by the end buyer. Transparent bag surface protects the contents such as delights, toffees and chocolates from exterior harmful elements and the risk of falling over while presenting the product with much attractiveness as possible.

Wide Windowed Kraft Doypack Food Packaging

Especially for those who would like to consume sugary foods, naturality of the product is extremely important. Consumers wish to follow the natural food’s journey from the production line all the way to the shelf. Wide windowed kraft doypack food packaging is a product that meets all the needs of the manufacturers.

Thanks to transparent section on the front surface of the packaging, also known as the window, product’s entire quality and allure will be on display while preventing the packaging from falling over. With its heavy weight and natural looking kraft paper, emphasizes on the naturality of the product as well as allowing the application of stickers / labels on the surface. Doypack design of this packaging type protects the content from the possible damage of exterior harmful agents such as odor, humidity and air contact.

Transparent Metallized Doypack Food Packaging

Transparent metallized doypack food packagings present a durable outer surface while allowing the end buyer to examine the product thoroughly before buying. Thanks to the doypack packaging design features, this packaging stands still on its own on the shelf and does not fall over.  Metallized packaging type’s most important feature is protection against rapid temperature changes. To protect food types that are especially vulnerable to low and high temperatures such as chocolate and toffees, transparent metallized doypack food packaging is the perfect choice.

Transparent Doypack Food Packaging

Label stickable transparent surface, ability to stand still on the shelf without any support and high-quality packaging material. Today transparent doypack food packaging is one of the most extensively used food packaging type around the world. Therefore, the best choice for packaging chocolate and similar foods could easily be transparent doypack food packaging.