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Fertilizer Packaging

Fertilizer is a very important ingredient for farming industry. Fertilizer needs a high quality packagings that keeps the odor inside while protecting the contents all the way to the end buyer. Fertilizer packaging is one of the most preferred packaging types of the packaging industry. Today, fertilizer packaging is being manufactured and sold under different names such as farm product packaging, agricultural fertilizer packaging etc.

Fertilizer packaging types we offer to our customers differ from other packaging types and designs. This packaging type must lock the fertilizer’s unwanted smell inside. On the other hand, their sturdy and durable design must be able to handle the fertilizer’s whole transportation process from the factory to the farm. Fertilizer packaging must be more durable than any other packaging type to prevent the odor from leaving the packaging and pollute its surroundings.  Fertilizer packaging types that we offer are designed with doypack features to fit these conditions.

Our Fertilizer Packaging Categories

  • Transparent Locked Doypack Bag
  • Transparent Metallized Locked Doypack Bag

Transparent Locked Doypack Bag Fertilizer Packaging

Transparent and locked doypack bag fertilizer packaging is a very handy product which allows the fertilizer to be transported and easily used by end user. First of all, this packaging type allows the end user to examine the contents in all aspects thanks to its completely transparent design. Apart from that, doypack packaging keeps the product straight on the shelf, preventing it from falling over. Locked fertilizer packaging keeps the odor inside of the packaging itself, presenting an effective use. Odor-trapping packaging prolongs the shelf life of the product while making it much easier to display it to the customers.

The types of agricultural product packaging offered by our company for agricultural users are extremely robust. Produced using quality materials, the transparent locked doypack fertilizer bag is sturdy and has a lockable opening and thus offers a highly effective usage possibility. The transparent locked doypack bag fertilizer packaging types on our web site are also among the fertilizer packagings that can be used for different agricultural products such as seeds, pesticides, organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers.

Transparent Metallized Locked Doypack Bag Fertilizer Packaging

Metallized agricultural fertilizer packaging is much more durable than the packaging types used for other products in many ways. This durability ensures that synthetic or organic fertilizer can be easily transported to farmlands. Metallized packaging protects the fertilizer in the package from harmful effects, especially rapid temperature changes. There may be chemical or organic components in synthetic or organic fertilizer products that can be negatively affected by air contact. Metallized fertilizer packaging prevents this interaction and increases the shelf life of the end product.

Transparent metalized locked doypack bag agricultural product bag prevents the dispersal of the smell of the fertilizer in the package thanks to the locked design. Doypack package design keeps the package upright straight on the shelf and prevents it from falling over. Transparent metalized locked doypack packaging types can be used for many different product groups such as agricultural organic fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural product and plant protection pesticides, just like most of the other fertilizer packaging types.

For Which Products Can Fertilizer Packaging Types Be Used?

Agricultural product packaging can be used for worm fertilizers, organic and artificial fertilizers, seeds to be used in agriculture, soil used for growing seeds in pots (peat) and similar products while allowing end buyers to examine the package contents because of their transparency. At the same time, the agricultural packaging types offered by our company have a doypack design and are preferred because they do not leak odor thanks to their locked mouths.