Coffee Packaging

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Coffee Packaging

Coffee has a special place in many cultures. It is the third most valuable “liquid” in the world after oil and water. This commercial potential of coffee has significantly increased the popularity of granular coffees or coffees with different flavors among consumers in the world as well as in our country. Competition in the coffee industry has led to the demand by manufacturers of a variety of aluminum coffee packaging types with different color options and specifications. We can list the coffee packaging types in our site, , as:

  • Kraft Aluminum Doypack Coffee Packaging
  • Aluminum Doypack Coffee Packaging with Various Color Options (Gold, Matte Gold, Burgundy, Black etc.)
  • Kraft Aluminum Doypack Coffee Packaging with Valve
  • Kraft Aluminum Doypack Coffee Packaging with Valve and Color Options
  • Kraft Aluminum Coffee Bag / Coffee Packaging with Side Gusset (Various Color Options)
  • Aluminum Coffee Bag Varieties with Side Gusset (Various Color Options)
  • Aluminum Coffee Bag Varieties with Side Gusset and Valve (Various Color Options)


Why Are There Too Many Color Options in Coffee Packaging Types?

Increasing market value and use of coffee significantly increase the competition in this market. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the content protection of the packaging, it must also be made attractive to the consumer. This is why, coffee packaging types should have a maximum practicality. Apart from that, aluminum displays a shiny appearance and is preferred for coffee packaging processes. Aluminum also offers practical benefits in two different ways, as it is a lightweight, easy-to-find, air / moisture-proof material. Aluminum is used with different color options because of its bright and stylish appearance on the market shelves and its light and high-quality material.

In addition to gaining value with each passing day, coffees coming to our country from many different geographies are offered to consumers with different flavors as well as coffees of different quality. Since different elements such as the hardness / softness value, quality and aroma of coffee are usually expressed in colors, it is highly possible to come across many different color options in aluminum coffee packaging types.

Why is Aluminum Preferred for Coffee Packaging?

Aluminum is a light and shiny material. Frequently used in the food packaging industry, this material can also keep humidity and air away from the product’s content. While being a durable material, aluminum also makes it possible to add an air valve or an on-off lock to the package on demand. In addition to all these, the most important reason for using aluminum, especially for consumer goods like coffee, is that this metal based packaging material can protect the product from changes in temperature. Thus, granulated or ground coffees of all flavors have an extended shelf life.

What does Aluminum Packaging / Bag with Valve Mean?

"Air" and "air contact" is a serious problem for any type of packaged food, such as coffee, legumes, candy or nuts. This is why, packaging manufacturers come up with various solutions for the evacuation of the excess air in the package. In coffee packaging or other products, the air entering the package is either evacuated after the filling process or the air in the package is evacuated by using this kind of valve after sealing the product.

Aluminum coffee packaging with valve types evacuate the air in the package during the exhibition of the product to the consumers, thanks to the air valves. Thus, the air in the coffee bag / coffee package is evacuated, and the coffee content gives a clue to the consumer with its smell about the taste and aroma it will be offering. One of the most important reasons why the valve is frequently used in coffee packaging types is that the smell of coffee known to attracts consumers. Valve coffee bags are the most preferred type of packaging especially for coffee bean packaging.

What does Packaging with Side Gusset Mean?

Side gusseted coffee packaging types are especially preferred for packaging coffee beans. While this type of packaging allows the package to stand upright in a fuller way, it also gives the package and package a unique, aesthetically beautiful appearance and is therefore very often preferred.