Candy Packaging

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Candy Packaging

The effect of the type of candy packaging preferred in delivering different types of colored candies such as mint, croquant, jelly candies, hard candy or jellybeans to consumers with their appetizing images can not be ignored. Candy is a type of food that is sensitive to heat and especially dust. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to the packaging of different types of candy and toffee products. Our company answers the demands of the manufacturers with different types of candy packaging to meet the needs of candy producers.

Our Candy Packaging Types;

  • Square-Based Seated Transparent Bag Candy Packaging
  • Transparent Bag with Side Gusset
  • Wide Windowed Kraft Doypack
  • Transparent Metallized Doypack Candy Packaging

Square Bottom Seated Transparent Bag Candy Packaging

It is extremely important for the candy packaging to stand upright and not fall over, especially in order to protect the hard candy and bonbon candies from getting damaged. The transparent candy bag with a square base offers a full and aesthetically appealing display thanks to its special design and does not fall over. The transparent surface also allows the application of labels and stickers.3

Transparent Bag Packaging with Side Gusset

Side gusseted packaging models preferred for candy-like products ensure that the product packaging remains in an upright position on the shelf. The gusseted structure also ensures that the product package can be opened easily and without difficulty by the consumer. Finally, the other advantages offered by the side gusseted transparent candy packaging model can be summarized as the ability to apply labels and stickers on the surface and the ability of consumers to examine the package content clearly. The transparent bag types offered by our company are made of high-quality materials.

Wide Windowed Kraft Doypack Candy Packaging

Kraft paper is widely used in the packaging industry. Easy to use, natural looking, durable and light, kraft paper material also keeps humidity and dust away from the contents of the package. In the candy packaging category, there is a transparent "window" section on the front of the wide windowed packaging models we offer to you. This section allows the product content to be easily reviewed by the end buyer and is often used in other types of packaging.

Doycpack, on the other hand, is another type of packaging that is frequently encountered in candy packaging and other food packaging types allowing very thin and granular foods’ packagings can be positioned vertically. Thanks to the doypack packaging types, packages containing coffee, toffee and nuts can take their place on the shelves upright without falling over.

Transparent Doypack And Transparent Doypack Metallized Candy Packaging Types

Transparent packaging is ideal for displaying the quality of delicate products, especially candy and toffee. This packaging group has been developed to display all the charm and quality of the product to the consumers and are produced using completely high-quality materials. Transparent candy packaging types ensure the product package to stand upright and prevent it from falling over. Metalized candy packaging types prevent sunlight, extreme cold or extreme heat from affecting the sensitive sugar content.

Doypack keeps the candy and candy packages upright and thus increases the value of the candy and toffee product in the package. While standing straight the package also prevents the fragile candy beads from breaking or getting physically damaged. Transparent candy packaging types that protect the package contents from humidity, dust and similar external harmful elements are also an ideal solution for good display of the product in the package. If you want the toffee you produce to reach consumers with all their charm and quality, you should choose our company.